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Karolinska Institutet

Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology

Center of Excellence in Developmental Biology for Regenerative Medicine

Center of Live Imaging of Cells at the Karolinska Institutet

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences



Previous Work

Per Uhlen's PhD-thesis abstract: "Signal Transduction via Ion Fluxes: a Cell Imaging Study with Emphasis on Calcium Oscillations"

Yale University - Ehrlich's lab

Yale University - Bennett's lab

The Marine Biological Laboratory - Whitman Center Investigators

Microscopy Links

Molecular Expressions: Excellent site on optical microscopy

The Carl Zeiss MicroImaging Online Campus

The Olympus' Microscopy Academy

ImageJ: Open Source image processing software package in Java

Color Universal Design (CUD) - How to make figures friendly to Colorblind people

MicroManager: Open Source software package for imaging and control of automated microscopes

Fluorescence Spectra Viewer

Download Olympus' FV-Viewer

Download Zeizz's LSM Image Browser

Nice forum on confocal microscopy - University of Minnesota - confocal listserv

Fun Stuff

Can a biologist fix a radio?
Philosophic paper about biological research

Can a Systems Biologist. Fix a Tamagotchi?
Follow up paper of "Can a biologist fix a radio?"

Educational program on calcium
Look Around You - Calcium (1/2)
Look Around You - Calcium (2/2)


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