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Uhlén lab - Pictures


Uhlén lab - October 2021

Standing (from left): Tom, Naoya, Shigeaki, Yue, Zoe, Hang
Sitting (from left): Ibrahim, Per, Songbai

Uhlén lab - June 2021

Standing (from left): Gediminas, Naoya, Zoe, Tom, Songbai
Sitting (from left): Shigeaki, Danai, Ibrahim, Per

Uhlén lab - October 2018

Standing (from left): Shigeaki), Dagmara,
Sitting (from left): Keishiro, Michiko, Per, Ivar, Songbai,
Laying: Lauri

Uhlén lab - October 2017

Standing (from left): Ayako, Dagmara, Shigeaki, Songbai, Nobuyuki
Sitting (from left): Per, Ibrahim, Ivar, Erik, Lauri

Uhlén lab - October 2016

Back row (from left): Lauri, Shigeaki, Nobuyuki, Ivar, Erik, Ayako,
Front row (from left): Per, Dagmara, Songbai, Ibrahim

Lab retreat - November 2012

From left: Simone, Songbai, Paola, Per, Erik, Staffan, Cristian, Teresa, Shigeaki

MBB conference - May 2009

From left: Paola, Nicolas, Songbai, Per, Katsutoshi, Mattias, Seth, Marie, Antonio

Farewell party for Hiromi - April 2009

From left: Katsutoshi, Paola, Per, Songbai, Marie, Hiromi, Seth

Seth's PhD defense - December 2008

From left: Nick, Per, Seth

Conference in Washington DC - 2007

From left: Per, Nicolas

Uhlén lab - October 2006

From left: Nicolas, Per, Seth, Marie, Hiromi

Uhlén lab - January 2006

From left: Seth, Luc, Per, Marie

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